Conveyors and feeders

Conveyors and feeders for cartridge cases, bullets and final cartridges.

Rotating and circle feeders for primers, cartridge cases, bullets and final cartridges.

Sorting systems for conveyors and devices for ammo production of all calibers and sizes.

Systems can communicate with devices for ammo production – controlled dosing.

The device can be produced for caliber 9 mm, 5,56 mm, 7,62 mm, 12,7 mm.

Final product and inputall components
Final product and inputall cartridges
Final product and inputcomplete box with 50pcs cartridges
20pcs cartridges
Conceptlinear and slope conveyors,
rotating feeders
Capacity150pcs / min
Power / Voltage1kW / 230V / 3x400V
Process controlremote control PLC
Air Pressure6 bar
Dimensionsconveyors in length 1000 – 5000mm
feeders for ⌀ 300 – 900mm

conveyors in length 1000 – 5000 mm


Feeders for ⌀ 300 – 900mm