Lead core presses

Lead core press

Lead core press is a device for pressing bullets from lead wire.

This device can have changable parts for more type of calibres.

The device can be produced for caliber 9 mm, 5,56 mm, 7,62 mm.

Automatic station can be a part of assembly line for ammo production and it is serviced by one operator.

Type of machineDLO 900
DLO 556
DLO 762
Final productlead bullet for cartridges
9 x 18 mm, 9 x 19 mm,
5,45 x 39 mm, 5,56 x 45 mm,
7,62 x 39 mm, 7,62 x 51 mm, 7,62 x 54 mm
Input componentslead wire
Capacity250pcs / min
Power / Voltage3kW / 3x400V
Process controlremote control PLC
+ Micro Tik support service
Air pressure6 bar
Dimensionslength 2,2 m
height 2,0 m
width 1,2 m
Weight of the machine2,6 t
Feederstand for wire
Service1 operator
Lead core press

Lead core press
DLO 900 / DLO 556 / DLO 762